What to Eat In Dinner If You Want To Lose Weight

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Dinner is as important as other meals while losing weight. The important thing is what, when and how much to eat. Right food at right time and right portion can lead to lose not only additional pounds but also inches. Night craving is not a good idea as in night time metabolism rate is high so body needs more energy. Also eating late at night leads to bad stomach, sleeplessness and weight gain.

What Foods You Should Eat In Dinner When You Want To Lose Weight?

Calories count for dinner when you are looking for weight loss counts much but it does not demand to limit your dinner just to salads. A healthy low calories dinner can lead to weight loss in a healthy way.

1- Add Vegetables To Your Dinner

Start dinner with vegetables is a healthy choice if looking for losing weight. Celery, capsicum, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leafy green or any vegetable of choice can be the part of dinner either steamed or in soup form. Avoid raw vegetables when planning to lose weight. A variety of vegetables can be added in single serving. To get better results try to choose combination of vegetables of different colors. Vegetables not only increase metabolism and help in lose weight but also fulfill the desired nutritional requirements of body.

2- Add Lean Protein

Lean protein needs to be a part of dinner when looking for weight loss. Replacing unhealthy food with healthy source of lean protein like seafood, chicken or nuts is the best option for shedding pounds. Protein has always been rated as best in order to manage weight. Eating protein helps in making stomach full with even little quantity and leaves no need for more. The ratio of fats in lean protein is too low to cause weight gain. Lean protein in dinner helps in losing weight but it must be noted that portion of food must not be too large.

It is also important that food is grilled, baked or steamed but not fried. Also the processed and frozen meat must be avoided. Dairy is another good option when looking for protein intake in dinner. Dairy products can also help in shedding weight due to high protein value.

3- Add Fiber to Dinner

A dinner full of good carbohydrates provides energy for the whole night that helps in regulating blood sugar. Adding whole grains like brown bread and brown rice in dinner is a healthy option as it will make stomach full in less time but for long. It will additionally provide enough energy to body to boost metabolism and burn calories. It is proved that dieters who ate whole grain in dinner burned more calories due to presence of magnesium than others.

The portion of whole grain must be kept small in dinner if looking for weight loss as fiber foods are sometimes high in calories and can cause reverse effects if consumed in high quantity.

Important Considerations While Eating Dinner For Losing Weight

A dinner full of fiber, good carbs and protein provides a good combination for dinner when thinking of losing weight. But the benefits can be turned in harmful affects if some important points are not kept in mind.

  • Eat at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Divide meal with more vegetables, moderate protein and less carbohydrates.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Do not lay down right after eating.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks or canned juices.
  • At least walk for 15 minutes after having dinner and before going to bed.

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