What Are Right Sitting Habits To Reduce Belly and Weight

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Ironically in today’s fast-paced world, we have become inactive and sluggish because of our tough work routines. We keep sitting most of the time as the nature of most 9-to-5 jobs demands it and as a result our body is negatively affected. Not only do we suffer from stiffness of the neck and back, but also put on a considerable amount of weight and fail in our efforts to burn fat and become fit and healthy. This is because sitting for an extended period of time makes blood circulation slow and our body burns fewer calories than it would if you were physically active.

What Are Right Sitting Habits To Reduce Belly and Weight
You can reduce the disadvantages of prolonged sitting by adopting current posture and doing these simple exercises while sitting on chair.

Moreover, our metabolism also slows down thereby increasing the risk of developing diabetes and some psychological problems like depression. The remedy is to take breaks every 30 minutes or so and move around the office to relax the muscles. You can also try some easy exercises while taking a break like wall pushups or bench dips to facilitate your weight loss program. If frequent breaks are not an option for you, then try pressing down on your toes in an up and down movement while you are sitting. This will improve blood circulation to the legs. Another way is to stand up while taking telephone calls. These simple and easy exercises will not only clear your mind but also give you more energy and help you sleep soundly at night.

Guide to a Healthy Day at Work

Some experts would tell you to sit on an exercise or stability ball instead of an office chair to avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting. On such a ball you have to maintain your balance thereby activating your abdominal and back muscles. Although merely sitting on an exercise ball while you work does not guarantee weight loss, it does have an effect on your overall fat burning process. This is because while sitting on an exercise ball you frequently have to change your position, which serves to counter the effects of sitting for extended periods of time. A stability ball will also be helpful in carrying out floor exercises while you are at work. You can try simple exercises like pushups, squat, overhead squat, deadbugs, and hamstring curls by using a stability ball.

The benefits of using a stability ball instead of an office chair at work include reduced fatigue and more energy, decreased lower back pain, increased concentration, and improved coordination. People who have used this chair report an improvement in abdominal stability and overall posture. These balance chairs are very cheap, available on the market for $15 to $30 apiece, as compared to those expensive ergonomic chairs that people buy for thousands of dollars and still complain of posture problems. Make sure the ball you get is neither too tall nor too low. Consult your personal trainer before buying an exercise ball for your office, as they will better explain the size of the ball you need and other features suited to your body shape. If you have never had the experience of using a stability ball before, then don’t use it for extended periods of time in the beginning. Remember your ultimate goal is to be relaxed while working behind a computer, not force yourself to use something you are not comfortable with.

Try these simple techniques to smooth the progress of your weight loss program and avoid the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time.

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