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Slim Belly Fat Burning system is the most successful tool used these days for the sake of burning fats of the body especially stubborn one. It is an easy to use dual belt that can be worn under clothes conveniently during workouts. This fat burning system increases the effects of the workout much higher resulting in quick and long lasting results.


Slim Belly Fat Burning System Review and Advantages

What Is Slim Belly Fat Burning System And How It Works

Slim Belly fats burning system is based on “Airpressure Bodyforming Technology”. This patented technology massages subcutaneous fat layers gently in the midsection while doing cardio or even mild activity like walking. During massage this Slim Belly Burning system increases the blood circulation to stubborn fat layers of stomach, thighs and hips areas that warms up these areas leading to melting of these layers and excreting in the form of energy. In this way not only weight but also waist is reduced in inches that makes a visible effect.

Parts of Slim Belly Fat Burning System Package

Slim Belly Fat Burning System package comes with:

1- Pneumatic Unit

Pneumatic unit pumps air inside and outside the belt to create massaging effect. This unit is responsible for stimulating blood circulation in the layers of the fats to melt them and break. Battery powered pneumatic unit uses alternating pressure technology that stimulates air pressure in alternative intervals. Full charging of at least 8 hours gives the 100 percent backup for unit.

The unit sounds like beep to indicate the status of charging whenever switched on. 1 Beep for full charging, 2 Beeps for warning of low charging and 3 Beeps when battery is fully dead and unit is in hibernation mode

2- Massage Belt

The fat burning process of this Slim Belly system is carried out by a belt that contains two channels. The belt is designed in a very comfortable design, flat from the top while centrally extended at the bottom. The belt has two connectors for the hoses of Pneumatic unit that are used to pump air inside or outside the belt. The soft material of the belt makes it easy to carry without any convenience for long.

3- Neoprene Pack

Pneumatic unit needs to be attached with the belt to circulate air. To prevent this unit from falling or damage during workout a wrap of specialized environment friendly material Neoprene, is provided that supports the unit as well firms the connection of hoses and connectors. The flexibility and durability of Neoprene makes it best for different temperatures and environments.

4- Connectors and Silicon Hoses

Massage belt has two connectors that are attached to the Pneumatic unit for the passage of air through silicon hoses. This is the entry and exit point of air in the belt for the mechanism of massage. These connectors must be set in the front with their opening towards left for the right use of the belt. These hoses are easy to replace if needed so.

5- Charger

A stylish and durable charging station although available with the burning system but can also be ordered separately if needed. This charger is used to charge the pneumatic unit for later use. It is very easy to start charging unit simply just plugging it in the socket. It is important to know how, when and how much to charge the unit before using it.

Advantages of Slim Belly Fat Burning System

Slim Belly Fat Burning System Review and Advantages
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1- High Rate of Fats burned

Slim Belly in combination with cardio and other workouts shows results eight times greater as compared without Slim Belly. It supports the burning of calories by exercise quicker even targeting cold zones. It helps in burning fats cells in less time but more effectively.

2- Targets Harder Areas

Some areas of the body like abdomen, thighs and hips remain cold no matters how heavy workout you encounter. These areas are the basic areas of fat accumulation but hard for fats and inches reduction. Slim Belly helps in warming these Cold Zones in a very less time. Slim Belly system increases the blood circulation in these areas with the help of massage that converts fats in to energy. Slim Belly makes it possible to eliminate fats from these stubborn cold zones.

3- High Perspiration

Slim Belly Burning System with patented double channel belt and pump increases the blood circulation to the fat layers of body. This increases the perspiration rate leading to high energy conversion. Increased circulation and perspiration then helps the body in burning fat cells quickly and effectively.

4- Toning of Muscles and Skin

Slim Belly is very useful in toning the abdominal muscles in to the shape. The uneven body spread around is summed up in to a highly toned muscular body using this burning system during cardio. Additionally it provides massage to the midsection in between workout. Massaging skin results in improved tone and makes skin firm.

5- Sheds Inches

Slim Belly not only shows results in pounds but also inches. It is proven that it has the ability to remove fats around the waistline helping losing inches too. The exercises focused on waist size reduction can show long lasting results in less time. The inches lost in this way are hard to get back as Slim Belly burns the fat by natural process of massaging.

6- Spot Reduction

The best feature of Slim Belly system is spot reduction that allows its users to burn fats of some specific area rather than the whole body. One can use it at any area of problem achieving desired results permanently. This property of Slim Belly breaks the barriers of limited use as seen in traditional weight loss belts and systems.

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