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Weight loss pills and supplements have been using by women since last many years. These pills and supplements supported by proper diet and exercise help in weight loss in a safe way. These supplements are very safe to use with guaranteed results and minimum side effects.

How Weight Loss Supplements Help in Losing Weight?

The supplements work help in weight loss by performing following function:

  • Controlling appetite
  • Reducing fats absorption
  • Increasing fat burning mechanism

Some Best Safe and Effective Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Following are some weight loss supplements for women that help in reducing weight without excessive dieting and efforts. Nursing women and pregnant women should not use these supplements without asking from their physicians.

1- Garcinia Cambogia Extracts

Garcinia Cambogia is a green colored small fruit that looks like pumpkin. The Hydroxycitric acid found in its skin is extracted and is an active ingredient of this pill famous for weight loss these days. Cambogia extract controls the appetite by discouraging fat producing enzymes and increasing the level of hormones that reduce cravings. This diet pill has the potential of shedding up to 2 pounds in few weeks only. The safe side of this extract is that no side effects are reported after use of this pill except mild digestion problems.

2- Glucomannan Weight Loss Supplement For Women

Glucomannan is water soluble natural dietary fiber that is extracted from roots of elephant yam. Glucomannan is exceptionally good in absorbing water that even a single capsule of Glucomannan can convert a whole glass of water into gel. This is the basic quality that makes it more effective weight loss supplement. Glucomannan capsules sit in stomach for long making it full for long and also reduce absorption of fats and protein. Glucomannan is also good at lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. 3 to 5 kg weight has been reported to fall using this supplement within one month.

Being fiber it is good at fighting constipation but sometimes it may cause loose stool with bloating.

3- Hydroxycut Supplement For Weight Loss in Women

Hydroxycut is probably the most known supplement used for weight loss all around the world since last few decades. It is the combination of many ingredients that help in reducing weight. Most active ingredient of Hydroxycut is caffeine that is combined with some plant extracts to get most powerful supplement for weight loss. Presence of Vitamin C in this supplement retains the freshness of skin and keeps internal organs active. Hydroxycut has a claim of shedding 21 lbs in a short period of three months.

Only problem with this supplement is possible if consumer is caffeine sensitive in the form of anxiety, tremor, diarrhoea, jitteriness and nausea.

4- Orlistat Weight Loss Pills

Orlistat is a drug available to the consumer easily even without prescription. This drug is available in the market with the name of Alli while under doctor’s prescription it is sold as Xenical. The working mechanism of this pill is to breakdown the fats in gut that makes body take little calories from the fats. Orlistat has been proving the best in losing up to 2.7kg weight with reduction in blood pressure and risk of diabetes (type 2) as additional benefits.

The consumer of Orlistat can suffer from diarrhoea or frequent uncontrollable bowel movements after using this pill. It is better to consume a “Low Fat Diet” while using this pill.

5- Meratrim Weight Loss Pills For Women

Meratrim is new in the market of weight loss pills. The extracts of two plants are combined to get this magical pill for weight loss. Meratrim helps in weight loss by controlling multiplication of fat cells and burning already stored fats. It also minimizes the fat amount that is picked by fat cells from bloodstream. Meratrim has been successfully helping in losing up to 5 kg and 5 inches in a very short time of two months. Till now no side effect has been seen after use of Meratrim.

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