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Sleep management has always been suggested to regulate weight. It seems unusual but sleep has a direct relation with weight gain and loss. Sleeping controls some hormones and metabolic activities that directly related to fats production or burning of fats. Thus improper or inadequate sleep disturbs the balance of these hormones leading to irregularities in weight. Oversleeping and under sleeping both point towards serious health conditions including obesity.

3 Important Aspects of Sleeping That Are Important For Your Body Weight

The relation between sleep and weight can be defined in three areas.

1- Sleep Duration

Scientifically it is proved that a sleep up to 5 to 7 hours results in proper functioning of hormones and metabolism. A sleep less than five hours or more than seven hours develops hunger hormones to work more that stimulates excessive hunger leading more need of food. Additionally the frequent cravings result in slow metabolism and storage of fats in body.

2- Sleep Quality

No matter how long you sleep if your sleeps are restless. A disturbed sleep causes fatigue and tiredness that may lead to cause stress. Stress and fatigue is likely to activate Cortisol hormone that can cause craving and demands to satiate hunger again and again. Also the Cortisol starts holding fats in belly leading to an enlarged belly.

3- Sleep Timing

Not only the duration but also the timing is important in performing different activities of body. Sleeping in night may have different results than sleeping during the day. Internal mechanism of the body needs proper and specific time to fulfill its working. The late we sleep the time for working decreases so far. Thus the functionality of hormones is either malfunctioned or destroyed leading to irregularities in weight.

Does Sleeping Make You Gain Weight

According to researches and studies a restful sleep of about 5 to 7 hours is the need of humans to make their body work effectively. Proper sleep affects us mentally, physically and emotionally. Sleeping helps in controlling our daily activities from learning to performing different tasks. When we do not have proper or restful sleep the brain gets tired failing to perform its functions properly. Immunity system to nervous system all are disturbed if sleep is disturbed.

Sleeplessness or excess sleep affects the process of weight loss badly. Both are the big obstacles in getting desired weight and shape. Excessive use of gadgets, unhealthy eating habits and social media craze has pushed people towards sleeplessness. On the contrary some people start sleeping for long with a concept that they will lose weight if sleep much being unaware of the fact that this is the biggest hurdle in their weight loss.

How Sleep Controls Body Weight Directly?

Sleep controls weight directly due to following reasons:

1- Sleep Controls Hunger

Sleeping controls the hormones that are focused to control hunger and feeling of being full. A sleep of 3 to 5 hours causes these hormones produce more secretions that cause craving and the body starts demanding sugar food. Additionally body starts storing fats for future use feeling the danger of deprivation of food. These stored fats form layers that become hard to break and thus the body starts gaining weight.

2- Sleep Controls Stress Hormone

Short or excess sleep disturbs the stress releasing hormone Cortisol that fails to regulate insulin level in the body. High level of insulin and cortisol both lead to the situation where body starts storing energy in the form of fats causing weight gain.

3- Sleep Controls Metabolism

The body uses metabolism process for the conversion of calories in to the energy. In case the body senses poor sleep it slows down the metabolism rate. The effectiveness of the metabolism decreases and the body starts storing energy as fats in the body especially in belly area.

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