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Do you know that taking special Banana diet in morning can help you in losing weight?

What Actually is Morning Banana Diet?

Morning Banana diet is the Japanese method famous among weight conscious men and women these days. This diet plan is getting popular day by day due to its extraordinary results. This Banana diet plan is specifically liked by lazy ones who want to lose weight without any effort. The focus of this diet is only to replace breakfast with bananas while no change in other routine. Starting day with Banana gives a good boost to metabolism for the whole day that efficiently burn calories and removes fat from body.

Instructions About Consuming Morning Banana Diet For Best Results

Morning Banana diet forces to eat bananas in breakfast and nothing else. Quantity of Bananas is not fixed as condition is to eat to fill. The inventor of this diet reported to eat up to 4 bananas while following this diet. One is supposed to eat 2 to 4 bananas or more if still feeling hunger and two glass of water with little pauses. Next half an hour you are not permitted to take anything as it can produce poisonous gases in stomach. After that can eat what you want if still feel hungry. Regular following this method will permanently drop fats from the body making it in shape. The diet is approved to be effective if followed while keeping following points in mind

  • Eat to your fill and leave no craving.
  • Eat Bananas in raw form only.
  • Do not eat anything else till next half an hour.
  • Drink two glass of water after eating bananas but not at a time but in pauses.
  • Neither hot nor cold water is allowed to be consumed but room temperature water.
  • Have lunch and dinner normally as you do in routine.
  • Walk associated with diet can produce more efficient results.

Benefits of Using Morning Diet For Weight Loss

1- Boosts metabolism

Presence of good Carbs in Banana boosts metabolism. Metabolism is internal procedure that converts food in to energy. This process needs enough energy to start itself. Eating Bananas on empty stomach give this mechanism high energy that makes it work efficiently. Boosted metabolism produces high level of energy required to body to burn calories causing a fall in weight.

2- Body Cleanser

Rich in fiber Banana helps in getting rid of waste accumulated in stomach by activating bowels movement. An active bowel movement eliminates wastes from the body that relieves constipation. Additionally Banana throws Toxins out of the body and detoxifies it. Proper bowel movement and detoxification leads to extract extra pounds from the body especially abdominal area making it slim.

3- No Hunger Feeling For Long

Body remains satiate for long after eating Banana. Dieter needs not to eat again for long after intake of Bananas in morning. This leads to less eating that eventually helps in weight loss. The energy level gained by eating Bananas is as high as rich breakfast that is enough to boost metabolism as well as burning calories.

4- Removes Stress

Normally diet plans focus on remaining hungry to lose weight. Cutting of important elements from our food causes major health issues even sometimes it leads to depression and stress. Banana morning diet is different as there is no need to remain hungry rather it allows to eat what and when needed. Filled stomach is not sentenced to produce stress hormones. Additionally eating Bananas in morning keeps the mind fresh and alleviates mood.

5- No Extra Effort

Normally diet plans that help in weight loss are associated with tough workouts. These workouts are although helpful in weight loss but difficult to follow for long. Lazy men and women are hesitant to do an effort for their weight just because of these exercises and workouts. Banana morning diet is best option for those who are waiting for some magic for weight loss.

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