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Water is the best tool in fighting against body fats. Water activates the functions of kidneys and liver and helps in flushing wastes from body. This water becomes more powerful in this functionality if infused with cucumber, lemon, mint and other weight loss friendly fruits. The fruits used in detox or infused water help in removing toxins from body and keeping body clean. Along with toxins body also loses unwanted fat cells that help in getting a slim body. Detox water although takes some time to make affects appear but these affects stay for long.

How to Prepare Detox Water

Cucumber-Lemon detox water has become the most popular technique of losing weight. The mixture of sour taste of lemon and mellow taste of cucumber makes it a delicious drink. Adding leaves of mint and grated ginger doubles the power of detox water. Optionally grapefruit can also be added for additional benefits of Vitamin C.


  • Take six glass of plain water
  • Add slices of 1 cucumber, ½ lemon and ½ grapefruit (optional)
  • Add 8 to 10 mint leaves and 1 inch piece of grated ginger
  • Let the water rest in refrigerator for whole night
  • Next day drink this water whole day

It is the commonly used Detox water for weight loss but there are also some other recipes that boost metabolism like Apple-Cinnamon Detox water and Mango-Ginger Detox water. These can also help in fighting against body fats.

How Detox Water Works

Detox water helps in shedding extra weight by purifying body from toxins. These wastes when accumulated in body attack metabolic system of body leading to weight gain. Detoxification of body makes functionality of liver and kidneys efficient that leads to boost in metabolism. Efficient rate of metabolism burns more calories and fats as its product. It is the safe and healthy way of getting rid of unwanted pounds from body.

1- Boosts Metabolism

Ingredients used in detox water help in boosting metabolism of body. Metabolic system of the body helps in burning calories inside the body. High the metabolic rate more the calories are burned. Additionally the proper functionality of body organs is stimulated that also accelerates fat burning mechanism. The progress gained in weight loss in such way remains for long.

2- Satiates Easily

In contrast to plain water Detox water gives the stomach feeling of being full due to the infusion of its ingredients. This prevents the need of excess intake of food, less eating results in shedding fats from body. Additionally all the junk is eliminated from body through Detoxification that also leads towards weight loss.

3- Releases Fats from Body Naturally

Sweating is the natural process that aids elimination of fats from body. That is why heavy workouts and sweat causing drinks and spices are used for weight loss. Detox water accelerates sweating by increasing metabolism that leads to dissolving excess fat cells from body.

4- Healthy Way of Weight Loss

Detox water has no side effects on its credit being made of natural ingredients. All the ingredients used are rich source of nutrition required for body. Body gets necessary vitamins and minerals even no fatigue or dehydration is resulted that is possible if sweating is caused with external force. At the same time Vitamin-C maintains the freshness of skin and body that is lost if used other artificial ways of weight loss.

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