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Weight is the major issue among men and women of different ages all around the world these days. The obesity rate has been increasing gradually since last few decades because f irregularities in eating, sleeping and routine activities. Weight gain and obesity is the problem associated with many health conditions. It is very difficult to lose weight as it is a slow process demanding lots of hard work and effort on regular basis. Neither dieting nor exercise can do help in weight loss individually but in combination instead.


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Drink Enough Water

First rule in the process of weight loss especially in short time is to hydrate body well. Normally the requirement of daily water intake varies according to different bodies but generally it is believed 8 to 12 glasses of plain water are vital to run metabolism of the body properly. Water helps in increasing the metabolism rate of the body that speeds up the burning process of calories and reduces the fat accumulation in the body.

Body Detoxification

Toxins and sodium extracted from different foods get to store in body if not flush out that can retain water inside the body. Water retention is one of the causes of weight gain. Detox water early in the morning and the whole day helps in flushing these toxins out of the body resulting in breakdown and excretion of fats.

High Protein breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal the body encounters with after working the whole night. Body needs healthy and energetic breakfast to fulfill the energy it used in the night otherwise fat producing hormones get activated. It is so the best approach in weight loss to start with protein rich breakfast. The protein in the morning will give the body energy it lost as well as keeps stomach full for long to wait for the next meal. Breakfast containing eggs, brown bread, oatmeal or coffee is the best for a healthy weight loss plan.

Low Fat Meals

Cutting carbohydrates and fats from daily meals is an important consideration if trying to lose weight in less than one month. A normal body needs 2000 to 2500 calories per day so it is a wise act to divide these calories the whole day so you do not intake more. Dieticians also suggest dividing your daily food requirements in small 5 to 6 meals with equal intervals. This technique is helpful in dodging stomach to feel full for long plus fat producing hormones remain asleep when the stomach is full. Supporting every meal with green tea or lemon ginger tea increases the effectiveness of meal regulation.

Proper Sleep

Irregularity in sleeping is the major issue for obesity in youngsters. High use of gadgets and junk food on night disturbs the sleeping hormones leading to restless or no sleeps. Waking in the night and sleeping in the day or sleeping less than 8 hours causes activation of stress hormones that disturb fat controlling hormone leading to weight gain. Early to bed and early to rise also helps the problem of weight rapidly in short time as these times are the best for fat burning mechanism of body.

Active Lifestyle

Overeating is not the only reason of rapid weight gain but also the lazy lifestyle. All the precautions and diet plans work properly if supported with exercise and walk. Minimum 15 minutes of walk and 15 minutes of hard exercise are required to lose weight in one month. A combination of cardio, running, jumping, rope skipping and stretching all help in lose weight within one month.

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