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Body fats especially belly fats need time to get back but it is not impossible. The need is to know the calories count your body requires. A proper and low calories diet plan not only helps in losing weight but also in short time. 2 to 3 kg weight is easy to lose even without any tough diet plan but to lose weight up to 10 kg demands a strict diet plan with minimum calories. No cravings and timings are two basic rules to be followed while following a diet plan for best results.

Extreme Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

A very effective diet plan containing all essential nutritional elements that can take off 8 to 10 kg’s if followed strictly is

1- Start of Day

Start up the day with at least 2 glasses of water (warm) right after you are up. This warm water will flush out toxins from body that will help in relieving constipation and controlling body fats. It also stimulates blood flow and relaxes muscles and controls body fats.

Lemon-Honey Detox Water

Give stomach and body a flush from unwanted stored water, toxins and sodium drinking Lemon-Honey Detox Water between 7:00am to 7:30am. Squeeze ½ lemon in 1 glass warm water and mix 1tsp honey in it and drink. This water boosts metabolism leading burning calories at higher rate by cleansing liver.

2- Breakfast

Energize your morning with healthy breakfast as it will give energy for the whole day. Breakfast time starts at 8:00am and must not be late from 9.30am. A number of options can be there for breakfast of 250 or less calories including:

Oatmeal (½ cup) with skimmed milk, honey and topped with fat burning fruits


Omelet of 2 eggs with green tea


2 boiled egg’s white with 1cup black tea

3- Snack for Mid Morning

A gap of 4 to 5 hours between breakfast and lunch is too long to cause cravings. This time must be filled with some low fats healthy options to keep stomach satiate till lunch. 100 calories snack for mid morning may be Green tea and Marie biscuit, one small banana/ medium apple/small orange or 1 cup papaya/watermelon/grapes, or small cup hot chocolate.

4- Lunch

At 12.30pm and before 2.00pm it is the time of lunch under 300 calories. Options for low calories lunch time are

Big bowl full of vegetable soup with brown bread (2 toasted slices only)


Vegetable rice, 1/2 cup steamed, topped with salmon fish grilled fillet


Curry of fat burning vegetables cooked in 1tsp oil with two small chapattis of whole wheat


1/2 cup lentil of any kind without oil with brown rice and green salad

5- Evening Snack

Like mid morning, evening time (5.00pm to 6.30pm) in this diet plan is also adorned with healthy options like sugar free lemon tea with 2 wheat Rusk, one boiled egg with sugar free green tea, hand full of nuts, fresh orange juice or grilled half brown bread sandwich stuffed with vegetables.

6- Dinner

Dinner must be too light to be less than 250 calories to get your desired weight in one month. The ideal time for dinner is before 9.30pm. Some yummy options for dinner in this diet plan are

Vegetable stuffed whole wheat homemade wrap


One cup chicken noodle homemade soup


1/2 cup of curry of chicken, soya bean or vegetable prepared in 1tbsp oil with two small chapattis of whole wheat

7- End of the Day Meal

Go to bed after having one glass warm water just like in the morning to get the same benefits even when you are sleeping.

Important Note:

Drinking water up to 8-10 glasses is necessary the whole day with this diet plan. Also the weight loss can be more effective and everlasting if supported by exercise of 15 minutes at least daily especially after having detox water. Consultation with some physician is must before following diet plan if you are suffering from some health issues.

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