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Undoubtedly weight loss is a tough and time taking phenomenon but it is not impossible. It is very easy to find ways to lose weight even without spending extra money as every Indian kitchen is equipped with food items that help in weight loss in healthy way. Vegetables and fruits can help in this mission very easily only if someone knows how and how much to use them.

Best Indian Foods That Help in Weight Loss

Basic concept while losing weight is to eat food that has less calories and high nutrition value. A list of such Indian foods that can help in weight loss in a healthy and easy way is as follows:

1- Spinach

Green leafy vegetables pay a lot in the process of weight loss and spinach is at the top of this list. It is an open secret that Spinach is rich in Fiber, Iron, Calcium, Vitamins and Zinc. Additionally the calories content in it is so low that it contains only 23 calories per 100g. Spinach helps in fixing digestive system, fighting against constipation and keeping fats away from body. It can be added in daily routine if looking for weight loss in a number of ways like in salads, soups, meat or even in smoothies.

2- Cinnamon

Any discussion about weight loss is incomplete without Cinnamon. Cinnamon is Indian spice that plays magical role in weight loss process. It helps in cutting fats quickly without compromising health and skin freshness. Additionally it helps in tightening skin that becomes loose after fats are burned from the body. Cinnamon can be taken in powder form with honey in morning or in tea in night to lose weight quickly and effectively.

3- Cucumber

Highly nutritional and low calories contents of cucumber make it best for weight loss. It is a best source of water and keeps body hydrated. It satiates body for long leaving no need for any other food. There is no chance of calories due to its low calories count as well as it burns fats with a high rate. Detoxifying nature of cucumber helps in removing toxins from body that also removes excess fats from body helping in weight loss.

4- Garlic

Garlic is a wonder Indian food item that helps in weight loss in very short time. Garlic targets the sugar and cholesterol level in body and controls appetite. It not only burn calories but also prevents fats to accumulate in body. Three garlic cloves on empty stomach with honey water can bring a drastic change in body shape even in first week. This routine also controls heart diseases and blood pressure along with weight.

5- Lemon

It is beyond thinking what a lemon can do while losing weight. It has the ability to boost metabolism that activates burning process of calories. The acidic properties of lemon help in cutting down fats from all parts of body resulting in fast weight loss. It is a good detoxifier making body free of toxins. Drinking one glass of warm water with lemon juice on empty stomach can show results quickly with healthy and fresh skin.

6- Cabbage

Cabbage is a weight loss friendly food rich in fiber and Vit-C and low in calories. 100 grams of cabbage contain only 25 calories that are too low to make fat. It helps in weight loss as well as refreshes skin and also fights against many diseases. Cabbage can be used in salad, soups and curry for this purpose.

7- Turmeric

Turmeric is the best antiseptic and most favourite spice in India. The presence of curcumin in this spice makes it best to control fatty tissues. Turmeric helps in burning fat cells and maintaining metabolism of body that helps in burning calories and removing fats from body especially tummy fats.

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