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Definition of Obesity

Obesity is a very common problem all over the world as it affects a large number of people including kids and should be controlled through proper diet and healthy living habits right from childhood. Obesity accompanies certain metabolic complications, such as insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes along with some other health problems including cardiovascular disease and bone disease. If your BMI (Bone Mass Index) is between 25 kg/m2 and 30 kg/m2, you are considered an overweight person. At this stage, you are at high risk for becoming obese. BMI more than 30 kg/m2 defines a person to be obese.

Definition And Factors Triggering Obesity
Are You Obese or Over Weight? Read Definition And Factors Triggering Obesity

Two Types of Obesity

There are two types of obesity described by experts according to the shape of the body. These types are android or apple shaped and gynoid or pear shaped.

Android Obesity:

In case of android obesity, fat distribution is more in the upper part of the body including shoulders, arms, chest, and abdomen.

Gynoid Obesity:

On the other hand, gynoid obesity is characterized by more fat in the lower region of the body including lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and legs. Android obesity is more common in males and gynoid obesity is seen in females; however, both sexes may suffer from either of the types depending on their environmental and genetic conditions.

Factors That Trigger Obesity

There are many factors that may cause obesity including genetic, environmental, and psychological reasons.

Being Inactive:

Those who are inactive and not used to regular exercising are more at risk of developing obesity than those who burn calories by walking or jogging on a regular basis. Lack of activity should therefore be controlled right from childhood. Women who get pregnant late in life are more likely to suffer from obesity and their children are also more vulnerable to this condition.

Eating More Carbonated and Carbohydrate Foods Can Make You Overweighed:

Our modern lifestyle has introduced foods that contain more carbohydrates and hence more calories. In addition to this, bad eating habits also include consumption of carbonated or sweetened drinks and foods that contain artificial flavors. Fresh fruits and vegetables have become scarce especially after the prices of fast or junk food have gone down.

Luxury Life Style Making People Obese:

Instead of walking, we use transport even if we have to go a short distance.

Stress and Lack of Spare Time:

Moreover, economic inflation all over the world has made it compulsory for men and women to get hold of multiple jobs at the same time. As a result, they keep seated most of the time and do not find time for games or physical activity.

Psychological Conditions Triggering Obesity:

Some psychological conditions also trigger obesity, such as eating disorders and depression. Some people eat more when they are depressed. Also, being overweight often make them depressed.

Strong Medications and Steroids:

Lastly, strong medications like insulin and steroids have also been found to be linked with obesity.

Diseases Causing Obesity:

Some illnesses like Cushing’s disease, which is a hormonal disorder, may also trigger obesity. When a person suffers from this condition, he or she gains weight rapidly and eventually become obese. Binge eating disorder or BED is another illness that leads to obesity. This disorder is characterized by excessive intake of food even if the person is not feeling hungry, eating when he or she is bored, and eating alone and more quickly.

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