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Right proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fats in daily diet is a simple and easy way to get rid of stubborn fats especially belly fats. High protein and fiber intake on regular basis balances the weight and helps in maintaining desired weight. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat and sea food are rich in protein and fiber that are necessary for losing extra unwanted pounds.

These Diets Are Best For Rapid Weight Loss

1- Eggs

Eggs are the best source of protein needed for working of metabolism for the whole day. Boiled eggs help in fighting against body fats especially belly fats and also prevent accumulation of fats in body. It also provides body with Vitamin D that plays a vital role in losing weight.

2- Apple

Fiber present in Apple helps in increased metabolism and regular bowel movement. It not only keeps stomach satiated between different meals but also produces Pectin that restricts body cells to get fats as well as promotes water absorption. Apple in morning and evening is a good choice on the journey to weight loss.

3- Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are good addition in diet if looking for weight loss without making change in your favourite meals. High amount of water in citrus fruits is best way to cleanse body system. Also the fat burning enzymes present in citrus fruits work for weight loss. Citrus fruits especially grapefruit keeps body satiate for long leaving no place for more food.

4- Dairy

Human body starts storing fats in body if it finds calcium level at low. Thus calcium intake is suggested as best option to lose weight. Dairy items including milk, low fat yogurt and cheese on daily basis maintain calcium level in body and help in weight loss.

5- Banana

A very unusual fruit that can help in weight loss is banana. High fiber content in fruit controls appetite and prevents absorption of carbohydrates in body. It pushes body to produce energy after burning fat rather carbohydrates. Potassium present in Banana supports muscle building that in turn helps in fat burning.

6- Coconut

Coconut in any form helps in boosting metabolism. Coconut fills stomach with less quantity but for long. Regular use of coconut oil in meals helps in controlling bad cholesterol which is the major cause of stubbornness of the fats. Additionally dried coconut can be used as a snack replacing other foods that can cause fats. Coconut milk is good to use in coffee and tea when looking for weight loss.

7- Green Tea

The journey of weight loss is not possible to complete without green tea. Presence of Catechins antioxidants in green tea helps in boosting metabolism and function of liver to burn fats. Green tea is especially best for shrinking tummy.

8- White Meat

Chicken and Fish are the best source of protein and delicious way to reduce body fats fast. Chicken is source of phosphorus and calcium that is why regular use of chicken melts weight as well as gives power to bones.

Salmon fish is the favourite fish and first suggestion of diet practitioners for weight loss because of Omega fatty acids. It helps in controlling hunger by satiating stomach for up to next two hours. Tuna gives the same results in weight loss as salmon or chicken.

9- Nuts

Almonds and nuts are weight loss and waist friendly foods. The addition of nuts in daily diet provides body protein, fiber and good fats. Walnuts are the best replacement of salmon to get Omega 3 while almonds provide calcium to release fats from the body. A hand full of nuts must be added in daily routine as snack to reduce body fats.

10 Whole Grain

Adding whole grain to daily diet especially breakfast helps in losing pounds rapidly. Oats and Barley both cereals are source of fiber and control sugar level in blood. These qualities of these cereals make them a best choice for weight loss. Replacing white rice with whole grain cereals is wise decision while looking for shedding pounds.

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