10 Foods You Must Avoid If You Want A Flat Tummy

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A check and balance on food intake is very important while working for a flat tummy. What, when and how much to eat are the basic rules that govern the process of weight loss. Adding and removing some food items from daily diet can help losing belly fats in short time.

What Foods Should You Avoid If You Want A Flat Tummy?

What not to eat is more important than what to eat on the way of weight loss. Here is a list of foods that must be avoided while aiming at losing tummy fats.

1- Fried Potatoes

Potatoes are complex carbohydrates that are linked to weight gain. Boiled or steamed potato can be a healthy option while losing weight but if these potatoes are eaten after frying in the form of fries or chips then it can cause a noticeable gain in weight. In such form these become high calories food that causes accumulation of fats in body.

2- White Bread

White bread is big source of added sugar and is always highly refined. It is top of the list of food that trigger rise in blood sugar. Two slices of white bread in daily routine leads to a rise in weight up to 40 percent. High sugar and gluten used in white bread leads to obesity and stomach enlargement.

3- Bakery Items

Bakery items including cakes, pastries and cookies always lead to obesity. White flour and other ingredients like preservatives, sugar, yeast and syrups used in these items are likely to cause fats in body. These items are rich source of calories but low in nutrition thus causing feeling of hunger after eating leading to overeating. Additionally there may be presence of Trans-fats in these bakery items that not only cause obesity but also other health problems.

4- Processed Fruit Juices

Fruit juices available in packed form in markets contain a little or no fruit but artificial flavors and sugar instead. The level of sugar in these juices is too high helping fats to make its place in body. Additionally these are gulped in high quantity being liquid leading to a high level of sugar in body. Preservatives added to these processed juices also retain water in body that lead to enlarged tummy.

5- Fast Food

Fast food is not only fast in its preparation but also in making tummy fat. Fast food items contain ingredients that are rich in calories and lead to obesity. Normally a single serving of these items contain the calories a normal body requires in a whole day. Additionally these never satiate you completely and leave urge to eat more after some time.

6- Processed Meat

Meat in processed form is better to avoid when trying for a flat tummy. Processed meat contains low or no fiber thus difficult to digest and sits in intestine for a long time causing trouble in bowel movement. The content of unhealthy fats and calories leads to not only tummy fat but also other health problems.

7- Artificial Soda Drinks

The best friend of tummy fat is soda sugary drinks available in market. These soda drinks have a direct relation with tummy fats. High ratio of sugar in these drinks leads to rise in level of calories in body leading to enlarged tummy. Additionally these cause craving for food eventually ending up with more intake of food than normal routine.

8- Ice Cream

It is hard almost for everyone to resist against Ice Cream. Ice Cream is too rich in calories to increase weight many folds. High sugar and full cream milk used to prepare Ice Cream is friend of fats. The alarming condition is that it is eaten in large quantity due to its taste.

9- Frozen Food and Canned Fruits

Frozen food items are never a good option while looking for flat tummy. Frozen foods contain preservatives that compromise the nutritional value of food. Canned fruits are as harmful as fresh fruits are healthy. To preserve these items sugar syrups are added that increase the sugar level of body and excess use of these causes irreversible tummy fats.

10- Candies and Snacks

Candies and snacks are very popular among youngsters and is undoubtedly big reason of obesity. These candies and snacks are so rich in calories that regular use of these can increase the tummy noticeably in a very short time. Candies especially contain sugar in large amount and also unhealthy ingredients in these snacks and candies disturb the hormonal balance of body leading to health issues including weight gain.

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