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What Are Common Cold and Flu Symptoms

Flu and common cold are one of the most common diseases, which have similar symptoms. Cold is diagnosed with sore throat, which leads to chest congestion, sneezing and coughing. It last for few days only. Flu is more painful as it includes extra symptoms like muscle aches, extra fatigue, fever, nausea and it lasts more than the common cold. They should be treated properly, because if they are left untreated a permanent damage to the lungs and related organs is very likely.

The Common Cold and Flu Are Caused By Following Reasons Usually

Few of the causes of these two common conditions are:

  • Flu and cold are viral diseases and very contagious.
  • The weather fluctuations are the major cause.
  • Some allergies also trigger the similar symptoms.
  • Few individuals can get the flu like symptoms if they stay stressed for longer duration.

What is The Difference Between Common Cold and Flu?

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Top 9 Effective Home Remedies For Flu and Cold

Flu and cold can be treated easily with ancient home remedies.

1- Gargling With Salty Water For Flu and Cold

The most tried and tested remedy to cure it is gargling with salty water. Add a teaspoon of salt in one-cup warm water and gargle throat with it. A sudden relief is guaranteed with this remedy.

2- Keep Your Body Warm

Keep yourself warm. Stay inside and limit the contact with others as flu is a viral infection and contagious. Keep extra pillow to position your head higher and maintain the room temperature towards the warm side.

3- Use Raw Honey For Sore Throat

Consume raw honey to sooth the sore muscles of the throat.

4- Steam Helps in Flu and Common Cold

Steam works as a perfect remedy to keep the mucus flowing. It relieves your senses in an instant.

5- Take Chicken Soup with Garlic Without Chilies

Chicken soup with added garlic works as a wonder to cure the flu and common cold. Just do not add extra chilies.

6- Keep Your Body Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. But don’t drink cold water.

7- Apply Balms (Vapor Rub) on Chest and Throat To Relive Congestion

Apply vapor rub or other balms on your throat and chest to open congested nose.

8- Try Cinnamon and Other Herbal Teas

Herbal teas like cinnamon or star anise are very effective to cure flu and common cold. Discontinue immediately if you develop diarrhea.

9- Keep Your Body Relaxed

Have plenty of rest to let your body relax.

How to Cure Common Cold and Flu Using Medicines

Home remedies are preferred to cure flu and common cold, as they are mostly useful in eliminating them completely. But if you are not cured in few days then you should consult your physician for proper medical treatment. Your physician or healthcare professional may suggest you some of the treatments mentioned below. Stick to what your doctor says for fast and proper cure.

i- Antibiotics for Inflamed Muscles

Antibiotic is prescribed to cure the inflamed muscles caused by persistent flu and cold symptoms.

ii- Painkillers for Muscle Aches and Headaches

Painkillers can be used for headaches and muscle aches, however it is not a permanent cure.

iii- Cough Syrups

Coughing and sneezing is known to cause dizziness. Cough syrups are prescribed to sooth the sore throat and the added tranquilizers give the required rest.

iv- Ginger Tea For Common Cold and Influenza

Ginger tea can be called a home remedy as well as a proper cure for both of the diseases.

v- Over The Counter Drugs For Flu and Cold

Over the counter drugs are also prescribed after proper diagnosis. Only take the drugs suggested by your doctor.

vi- Supplements of Vitamin C

The Vitamin C supplements help in healing the inflammation. Increase their dosage while you are on antibiotic.

Tips to Prevent Flu and Common Cold

Like all other diseases, it is better to opt for prevention then opting for the curing regime afterwards.

  • The contagious diseases are avoided easily if we develop the habit of washing our hands frequently.
  • Use your own towels and napkins.
  • Keep the utensils clean.
  • The house cleaning must include disinfectants to keep such diseases at bay.



What Are Home Remedies For Common Cold And Flu
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What Are Home Remedies For Common Cold And Flu
In this article you will learn what is the difference between common cold and flu and how to treat them using home remedies and other medications. You will also get useful tips to avoid these conditions by taking simple precautions.

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