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Coughing is a common phenomenon, which occurs mainly due the inflammation of the esophagus. The dry cough does not produce any mucus like productive cough, but is extremely irritating accompanied with an itchy feeling in the sound pipe. It is termed as “continuous”, persistent or if we describe in medical terms; “chronic” if its duration exceeds three weeks.

What Are Possible Causes of Dry Continuous Cough?

There are several reasons that can cause a person to fall ill with this disease.

  • Normal dry cough can be caused as a side effect of certain medicines. However, if it becomes persistent then it is better to avoid such medications.
  • Asthma is the most common reason behind this. The patient stays up all the night and keeps on complaining about a continuous itching in the respiratory system.
  • GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, which is commonly known as Acid Reflux is also one of the major causes.
  • Pollen allergies and smoke are also included in the causes of dry continuous cough.
  • The exposure to the pollutants increases the occurring of this disease in the people living in metropolitan cities.
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Checkout following home remedies to cure dry cough fast and easily.

6 Easy Home Remedies To Treat Dry Continuous Cough

We turn to the home remedies first before consulting a physician, and it is not a bad option. Few old school remedies are very beneficial in treating this cough:

1- Using Honey to Treat Dry Cough

Honey is an instant winner. Take a spoonful of honey and sprinkle freshly grounded black pepper, gulp it down and you will get a soothing feel. The lining of the food pipe is instantly relieved due to the highly viscous fluid. Also, the anti bacterial properties of this blessing will ease the infection too.

2- Salt+Warm Water For Dry Cough

Elders for a reason recommend a concoction of salt and warm water after all. Gargle it down your throat three times a day as it will ease the swollen lining.

3- Use Steam To Cure Dry and Never Ending Cough

Steam is a miracle remedy for opening pores on the skin and clearing the throat. Add few drops of essential oils like tea tree or eucalyptus for an instant relief.

4- Thyme Tea For Quick Relief From Dry Cough

Thyme tea can also be used twice or thrice a day for a quick relief.

5- Ginger+Peppermint Tea Is Great For Cough Cure

Ginger is an ancient remedy to treat dry cough. Peppermint has a cooling and soothing aroma, which eases the irritation. Make a tea using both, and the dry cough is treated easily.

6- Keep Your Body and Throat Hydrated

Lastly, hydration works as a wonder. Drink plenty of fluids, whether warm herbal teas or plain water. Fizzy drinks and dairy products must be avoided.

Easy Cures and Prevention From Dry and Continuous Cough

In many cases above mentioned natural home remedies are helpful for most of the patients. But if the condition persist for many days then proper medical diagnosis and treatment may be required. Sometime the continuous dry cough is due to some other underlying issue in the body like infection, allergy, Asthma or Cancers etc. Better to check with your doctor and start treatment before condition becomes worst.

Here are some common precautions and treatments suggested by doctors. Please note that you should not try any of these treatments on your own without consulting your doctor.

i- Stop or Reduce Frequency of Smoking

Prevention is better than cure. Hence the key point is; Say no to smoking, and stay away from the smokers. Many patients are allergic to smoke and their cough may become worst.

ii- Consult Your Physician For Proper Checkout and Diagnosis

Consult a doctor if the symptoms do not go with in three weeks. It is not a disease itself as it denotes an underlying problem such as heart issue, GERD, Asthma and in few cases cancer too. Sometimes heart enlargement is a reason for dry cough that never ends. In such cases proper treatment for heart is necessary along with other remedies.

iii- Nasal Steroids For Dry Cough Treatment

Nasal steroids may be prescribed to cure this problem. They can be in the form of inhalers or taken orally. These steroids are usually suggested when other treatments fails and patient need instant relief in case of cough attach. Don’t ever try any nasal steroids without asking from your doctor as it may be harmful.

iv- Antibiotics for Treatment of Dry Cough May Be Required

Antibiotics should be taken if the diagnosis is related to bacterial infections. Infection may be in lungs, throat or neck. Only take the suggested drug and dosage for recommended period of time. Prolonged use of antibiotics is associated with severe side effects.

Conclusively, consult a physician when the symptoms stay for more than 20 days. Meanwhile, observe closely and stay on the safe side by using home remedies.



How To Get Easy Relief From Dry Continuous Cough?
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How To Get Easy Relief From Dry Continuous Cough?
Checkout easy and effective remedies to cure dry cough in your home without consulting a doctor. You will be amazed to see how effective these cures are.

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