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At the age of three years a child is ready for new experiments in diet and toilet training. Change in diet and stress of toilet training sometimes put the stomach and the child in stress. This stress exerts emotional pressure causing child to constipate. This problem is not too hard to solve but can be eradicated with a little moral support, change in eating habits and doctor’s opinion. Most of the times the issue can be resolved by using simple natural infant constipation remedies.

Three Year Old Constipation Remedy
Checkout top 5 safe Three Year Old Constipation Remedies.

Remedies for Constipation in Three Years Old Child

Checkout my recommended top 5 constipation remedies before trying any other unreliable remedy:

1- Increase Fiber in Child’s Diet

It is an open secret that high fiber diet minimizes the chances of constipation in children. At the age of three child is ready to eat plenty of options in its diet thus it is very easy to get rid of mild constipation through change in his diet. Make whole grains, green vegetables and fresh fruits part of the child’s daily routine and see the results instantly.

2- Increase Liquid Quantity

Liquid is the key element required to soften the stool and flushing it out of the body. An increased amount of plain water or juices can relive the constipated child. Although water is on but the apple juice and prune juice also play a great role in relieving constipation in children.

3- Stop Problem Causing Food

Some food items of our diet have binding effect on stool. These items include dairy products, banana, rice cereals and carrots. It is a good option to replace these food items with other high fiber food if these are causing child to constipate. The decrease in the quantity of milk and yogurt also help in solving constipation in children of this age.

4- Release Toilet Strain

Toilet training sometimes puts the children under mental stress and they start withholding stool. A negative response to bowel movement leads to accumulation of the stool in the rectum that starts becoming dry if not flushed out immediately. It is better to release stress of the baby and encourage him to sit in toilet until bowel is empty. Find ways to ease your child while on potty rather than making it a punishment for him.

4- Exercise and Belly Massage

Three years old baby is normally fond of running and walking around. Do not stop your child moving around and playing but try to make him active instead. The body movement leads the active movement of bowel and a relief to constipation.

A belly massage around the naval of the child twice or thrice a week pays the same return as high fiber food does. Massage the child on regular basis or at least when the problem arises with some oil or apply a gentle pressure under the naval to force bowel work properly.

5- Ask Expert’s Opinion

Never forget to consult a doctor if your child is suffering from the problem repeatedly or shows severe symptoms like vomiting, drowsiness and severe abdominal pain. The doctor will suggest the right medicine or other treatment option after seeing the condition of the child.

5 Constipation Remedies For Three Years Old Baby
Article Name
5 Constipation Remedies For Three Years Old Baby
In this article I have listed and explained top 5 natural home remedies to cure constipation in 3 Years old babies. If none of these remedies work then you should consult your physician for best assistance.

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