Karo Syrup For Infant Constipation Side Effects

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What Is Karo Syrup?

Karo syrup is a thick sugary substance used in cooking as a sweetener and humectant. Karo syrup is not the regular part of the diet of a baby but it could be a good option if the baby feels difficulty in passing feces outside the body. In such cases this syrup can be used as a medicine but after the consultation with the doctor. The problem worsens if your baby is allergic to corn or any other substance used in extraction of syrup. At the same time it can cause irregular movement of bowels if not given in right quantity.

Main Uses of Karo Syrup in Homes

Karo syrup is sweet syrup prepared commercially from the maize starch. This concentrated syrup contains maltose and other sugars that is the part of corn. Karo syrup is being suggested as a replacement of sugar for infants since for a long time as it works the same manner the soluble fiber does in colon. Being the extract of plant and presence of maltose make this syrup a useful product for different purposes.

  • To maintain moisture of food
  • To add a better texture to sweets
  • To preserve food for a long time
  • To soften the stool and easy excretion
  • One of the best infants constipation remedies
Karo Syrup For Infant Constipation Side Effects
Checkout main Karo Syrup For Infant Constipation Side Effects and ways to avoid them

Karo Syrup For Infant Constipation Side Effects

As mentioned above one of the main uses of Karo Syrup is relieving constipation in infants. It is one of the most effective natural constipation remedies for small babies. While this syrup is quite effective for constipation but it is also associated with some side effects if not used properly.


Some of the common side effects include:

1- Karo Syrup Causes Botulism in Infants

Botulism is possibly the reason most of the physician force to avoid use of Karo syrup for constipation in milk feeding babies or infants. Karo syrup may contain bacteria like other industrially manufactured products that can cause botulism featuring weakness, fatigue and trouble in speaking and seeing.

2- Karo Syrup Can Cause Diarrhoea in Babies

Karo syrup can cause looseness of bowels in infants if the doze is not regulated properly. It is suggested to give only 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup to an infant to help constipation during a day. An overdose of Karo syrup can cause looseness of bowels that will turn the hard stool in loose motions causing dehydration in infants.

3- Chances of Teeth Cavities

Older infants are at the risk of getting cavities if exposed to Karo syrup more often. The high level of sugar present in Karo syrup is more likely to affect the milk teeth of the infants and can damage them on a very early stage. This problem will continue to grow as with the age and can cause severe harmful consequences.


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How To Avoid/Minimize Side Effects of Karo Syrup When Used For Infants Constipation

The side effects of Karo syrup are not uncontrollable and can be avoided with even little care. A change in dietary routine and regular consultation with your doctor may be enough to avoid negative effects of Corn or Karo syrup.

  • Increase the water intake in infants
  • Use natural juices on regular basis
  • Use natural laxative like honey
  • Avoid the artificial milk sources
  • Consult your baby condition with doctor at an early stage


Side Effects of Using Karo Syrup for Infant Constipation
Article Name
Side Effects of Using Karo Syrup for Infant Constipation
Karo Syrup is very effective to relive the infants constipation fast and safely. But there are also some side effects if used for longer use with wrong doses. This article explains these side effects and ways to minimize these side effects.

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