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What Is Norco Medicine?

Norco is a painkiller containing opioid as a pain-killing element. This narcotic element may cause some health issues like vomiting, fever, nausea, headache and dizziness if used continuously.

Does Norco Cause Constipation?

Constipation is the most expected side effect if Norco is used for a long time. This problem continues as far as the use of drug is continued. Opioid present in Norco affects the colon and decreases the movement of the waste excretion muscles. Thus the person fails to sense the presence of feces in the rectum and face difficulty in emptying bowel completely.

Does Norco Cause Constipation
Yes using Norco for long time can cause mild/severe constipation. Here are 5 ways to treat constipation caused by this medicine.

Treatment of Constipation Caused By Norco

If you are taking Norco for some medical problem and facing severe constipation issue, then you should ask your physician if Norco can be explained with some other medicine. In any case following tips will greatly relieve the constipation caused by Norco:

1- Use Laxatives

It is advised to take laxatives regularly if the medicine is supposed to be used for a longer period. Different types of laxatives are present in market to cure constipation induced by Norco drug. These laxatives increase the motility of the intestine and accumulation of water in colon that leads to easy excretion of wastes from the body. Osmotic, stimulant and emollient are the different types of laxatives easily available in market that provide best results against constipation.

2- Adopt Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle including walk and regular exercise can help in coping with mild constipation induced by Norco. A healthy lifestyle keeps the muscles of the body in motion and also prompt bowel movement. This movement of bowel and muscles helps in passing stool with less or no effort.

3- Increase Liquid Intake

The most adopted remedy for constipation is to increase the liquid, either water or fruit juices, intake while using Norco. Dehydration is the main reason of constipation as bowel needs water to function. Water and juices help in maintaining this water level as well as the sugar in juices softens the hard stool. Prune juice is highly effective for this purpose. It is suggested to take minimum 40 ounces of liquid per day to stimulate the working of intestine.

4- Change Your Eating Habits

A slight change in diet can lead to a relief to constipation caused by use of Norco. Intake of fiber enriched foods, natural laxatives like grapes, watermelon, prune juice or prunes, apricots, green vegetables, resins, whole grain and peach can cut off the problem in a very soothing way while cutting down the use of processed and fast foods also adds much to the effort of coping the problem of constipation.

5- Regularly Visit to Physician

The mild constipation can be controlled very easily with some precautions, natural constipation remedies and change in lifestyle but the severe conditions ask for a regular visit to the doctor. The doctor can help by changing the dose of the drug or by suggesting anti constipation medicine in combination. You can also try some over the counter constipation remedy with your doctor’s permission. Consultation to physician is very important as the continued and severe constipation can end up in a surgical procedure as well.

Does Norco Cause Constipation and What Are Ways to Treat It?
Article Name
Does Norco Cause Constipation and What Are Ways to Treat It?
Norco is a pain killer medicine that contains opioid. It's prolonged use can cause sever constipation. In this article I have mentioned 5 ways to treat constipation caused by Norco.

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