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It is a very common practice for mothers to find hard feces on diaper or find their infants in discomfort while passing stool. These signs clearly indicate constipation problem in infants. Constipation is the result of irregular bowel movement lead by reasons that may vary with respect to age and circumstances but in infants it is normally caused by formula milk, change in eating routine, dehydration and emotional strain.

Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation
Use Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation in different ways like orally, tummy massage and through breastfeeding.

Using Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation

The constipation is not difficult to cure when the victim is an adult but not easy in case of infants. Coconut oil may be a sensible choice to relieve constipated infants with very less chances of side effects. Coconut oil is one of the best and magical constipation remedies to treat constipation in infants without harmful effects.

You can use coconut oil in following ways to treat infant constipation:

1- Oral Intake of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly nutritious with minerals, fiber and vitamins and thus safe for infants to take orally. Coconut oil helps in regulation of the bowel movement causing easy elimination of the wastes from the body and relieving abdominal discomfort caused by constipation. Coconut oil can be given to the infants in its pure form or in milk. It is important to have a proper check and balance over the quantity of the oil as an overdose can cause allergic reactions and diarrhoea in infants. Thus it is suggested to take a start with less quantity and then increase gradually as per requirement.

2- Tummy Massage Using Coconut Oil

Massage is the best way to sooth abdominal muscles especially in infants to get rid of constipation issues. Coconut oil is undoubtedly the best to massage the tummy of an infant for relieving constipation. Simply take a small amount of coconut oil and gently massage the tummy of the constipated infant counter clockwise targeting the area around belly button. This massage will help the constipated baby instantly and provide relief.

3- Coconut Oil Through Mother’s Feed

The consumption of coconut oil by mother can also be helpful if the infant is on breastfeeding. The coconut oil is the best source of fatty acids, a part of mother milk, which helps breastfeeding babies to avoid constipation. It is also important for mothers to avoid high dose at start as high dose of coconut oil can lead to diarrhoea in adults as well.

Precautionary Measures While Using Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation

Coconut has magical power to cure constipation in infants but it is important to consider following precautions:

  • Always choose an organic and virgin coconut oil for best results and avoid side effects of artificial oils.
  • Always check before using if your baby is allergic to coconut oil.
  • Take care of the quantity as an overdose can lead to diarrhea issue.
  • Coconut oil can cause cramps and unfavorable conditions in infant’s abdomen if given on empty stomach.



Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation - How To Use?
Article Name
Coconut Oil For Infant Constipation - How To Use?
Coconut oil can be used to treat infant constipation in different ways like oral intake, tummy massage and through mother's milk. Right doses and quantities should be administered for best results without side effects. See details..

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