8 Month Baby Constipation Remedies

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At the age of 8 months the baby starts taking solids like mashed fruits and vegetables along with milk. This change in diet normally leads to the improper bowel movement. Thus it is normal routine for such babies to suffer from constipation issue. The hard stool causes the strain in the tummy of the baby and in severe conditions baby can also pass through nausea, vomit, fever, blooded stool and taut belly.

Home Remedies To Cure Constipation of 8 Months Old Baby

Call a doctor is the best option in case of baby suffering from any of severe condition otherwise the situation can be controlled with following constipation remedies.

8 Month Baby Constipation Remedies
8 Month Baby Constipation Safe Home Remedies – Image Credit: mom365.com

1- Increased Amount of Liquids

Increased amount of liquids to the baby can be the first idea in the mind of a mother and probably the effective one in case of mild constipation. Liquids and juices especially prune juice provide enough water to colon to perform its function properly. Additionally sugar in juices works as a laxatives and help the baby in solving problem.

2- Change in Diet

8 months old baby contains different fruits and foods in its diet. Maintain a check and balance for foods causing constipation to babies. Normally it is suggested to adopt high fiber “P“ formula for babies that means to add Prunes, Peas, peaches, plums and Apricots in baby’s diet. Cutting down some of the items like rice cereal, potatoes, carrot, bread and yogurt can also help the constipated baby.

3- Change Milk

Constipation is the expected phenomenon in the babies feeding on formula milk. Sometimes just a change in formula milk helps constipated baby to great extent. Consultation with doctor before starting milk to the baby is a wise decision. As well as checking the ingredients of the milk can also help in choosing the right product for the babies. Choose easy to digest formula for your baby to avoid constipation.

4- Tummy Massage

A soft handed massage around the belly button of the baby helps in solving the issue of constipation. A gentle massage of the tummy of baby in clockwise position with castor or coconut oil produces desired results very quickly. Take care of the pressure applied to the tummy as extra pressure can cause discomfort for the baby.

5- Exercise and Squats

The movement of lower body of the baby also forces the bowel to move and function properly. The movement of legs of the baby in circular motion as he is peddling bicycle helps the baby to get rid of the problem. Making the baby sit in squat position also helps the stool to pass easily.

Checkout more about infant constipation remedies in this detailed article.

8 Month Baby Constipation Remedies
Article Name
8 Month Baby Constipation Remedies
In this article I have listed some safe and effective home remedies to cure constipation in babies of about 8 months. For small babies, you always need to be careful while trying any home remedy. In case of severe constipation, consult your doctor ASAP.

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